Policies and Procedures
Contractor Services    

Subsequent to the completion and occupancy of your new office, you may find that you need additional items or specific requirements have changed. If you discover you desire a change, then please feel free to notify the Building Engineer. All alterations and improvements to the premises must be approved by the Landlord. This approval is necessary to make certain that the proposed work not only meets the same standards of original construction, but also complies with all building codes and regulations.

JLL has resources for a variety of contractual services. Whether you are installing an additional electrical outlet or constructing major renovations, please contact the Building Engineer to contract these services. The Building Engineer will be happy to assist you. If you prefer to contract work for yourself, then please remember that all construction or electrical work must be approved by the Property Management Office prior to any work starting in the building.

Prior to the work starting, your contractor must provide copies of licenses and insurance to the Property Management Office. After the work is fully executed, your contractor must execute a Release of Lien and (a sample Waiver of Lien is on the next page). This document serves to evidence that he contractor has received full payment for their work and protects you and the Landlord against any lien claims. Depending on the scope of the work, we may also require drawings, which clearly delineate the scope of work, and a building permit to be provided prior to the work starting.