Policies and Procedures
Building Rules & Regulations    


Tenant shall not obstruct or interfere with the rights of other tenants in the building, or of persons having business in the building, or in any way injure or harass such tenants and persons.


Canvassing, soliciting and peddling in the building are prohibited and tenant shall cooperate to prevent such activities.


Tenants shall not bring or keep within the building any animal, bicycle, motorcycle, or other types of vehicle except as required by law. A bicycle rack is located in the parking garage (level P1).


The disposal of any trash, refuse or other substances of any kind should not occur except in the designated refuse containers. No material shall be placed in trash boxes or receptacles if such material cannot be disposed of in an ordinary and customary manner without being in violation of any law or ordinance.

Please contact the Property Management Office to schedule the removal of bulk trash (desk, chairs, cabinets, etc.) and electronic equipment (computers, monitors, etc.). There will be an additional fee applied to your monthly invoice for the removal of these items.

Please do not place trash in the common areas. Please place an online service request to have trash removed from your suite during the day.


Tenants shall use the common areas only as a means of ingress and egress and Tenant shall not permit any loitering by any persons in the common areas or elsewhere within the building. The common areas of the building are not for the use of the general public. No tenant shall install any radio or television antenna, loudspeaker or other device on the roof or exterior walls of the building.


Tenant shall not mark, paint, drill, cut, string wires within or in any way deface any part of the building without the prior written consent of Landlord and as Landlord may direct. Upon removal of any wall decorations or floor coverings by Tenant, any damages to the walls or floors shall be repaired by Tenant at Tenant’s expense.


Electric space heaters and/or fans present a fire hazard and are strictly prohibited.


Tenants shall not use the restrooms or plumbing fixtures of the building for any other purpose than the purpose for which they were constructed or manufactured.


Subject to all fire or other safety regulations, all doors opening onto common areas, and all doors upon the perimeter of the demised premises shall be kept closed. During non-business hours, doors should be kept locked, except when in use for ingress or egress. Tenant shall cooperate with energy conservation by limiting the use of lights to areas occupied during non- business hours.