Visitors & Special Admits    

If you are expecting a visitor after hours, you must make prior arrangements with management to admit your visitor into the building and onto your floor. Weekend visitation must be arranged on Friday before 12:00 p.m. of the designated weekend. When you contact the Property Manager, inform him/her that you want to arrange a special admit. Please provide the visitor’s name, the day the visitors are expected, the approximate time of arrival, permission for admittance, and the floor they need to access. If you will be arriving with the visitor, then it is not necessary to contact the Property Manager. Simply have your guest sign in at the front desk to have the visit on record.

When visitors arrive at the building, they should use the special phone outside the main lobby doors to gain admittance. The telephone will automatically ring Kastle. When Kastle answers, visitors should identify themselves and tell Kastle who they are visiting. If you have arranged for their admittance, their names will be on an admit list and Kastle will allow them access into the building.