Trash Removal & Recycling    

Trash Removal

The cleaning personnel empty trash Monday through Friday. The tenant is responsible for removing bulk trash (i.e. boxes from a delivery or supplies) and furniture or equipment. Should you require assistance or a special waste pick-up, please contact the Property Management office. There will be an additional fee applied to your monthly invoice for the removal of these items. Please use the freight elevator to remove the trash. Please do not place trash in the common areas. Please place an online service request to have trash removed from your suite during the day.


Jones Lang LaSalle has made a firm commitment to provide recycling programs in all properties under our management. Effective January 20, 1993, the Washington, D.C. Department of Public Works, Office of Recycling began the enforcement of the City’s recycling regulations in all D.C. buildings. This program requires the recycling of office paper, glass, aluminum and newspapers.

The below outlined information details the recycling policy implemented at 2020 K Street and is in accordance with the laws of the District of Columbia.

Occupants of office buildings shall separate for collection and provide for the recycling of office paper and newspapers. Each tenant will be provided with a large recycling container for paper. A larger recycling container will also be provided for glass, aluminum and plastic. The Engineer will provide recycling containers as needed upon request. Please place an online service request to order your recycling boxes. Additional large recycling containers and small desk side recycling containers will be invoiced accordingly

The cleaning company will be responsible for emptying the large recycling boxes located in the common area of your office, as needed. Each tenant is responsible for emptying their small recyclable containers from their office into the large recycling boxes.

Please use the larger recycling glass, aluminum and plastic boxes for disposing of these products. Please do not discard cans and bottles in the paper recycling box.

There is a scheduled weekly pickup at the building for recyclable products. Please contact the Property Management Office for further information regarding the recycling program.

Please click here to view the complete Waste Management and Recycling Program